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Investment Portfolio Management

Amelok provides investment portfolio management services with maximum return on all assets and minimum insured risks.
Whatever investment portfolio you need - we have highly qualified specialists to develop and manage an investment portfolio to meet your individual needs.

Safe entry barrier to the market segment

The main purpose of investing - maximizing revenue and minimizing risk. The best way to achieve this goal is a portfolio investment approach.

Investment portfolio - it is a set of securities formed by individuals or legal entities in a certain proportion.

The composition of investment portfolios is formed depending on the current and strategic goals of investors..

There is a specific set of investment portfolios:

1. Income portfolios

Compiled in such a way that the investor could receive income, an acceptable value of which corresponds to the degree of risk acceptable to the investor. This type of portfolio includes currency, raw materials, metals and securities, yielding income above average (bonds, high-yield stocks, government bonds, etc.).

2. Growth portfolios

Can be formed with the calculation of various rates of income growth - from moderate to fast:

  • moderate growth portfolios are calculated for the long term and are the least risky. The composition of the securities included in them is changing quite slowly;
  • portfolios of accelerated growth are formed through the acquisition and continuous updating of the composition of shares of issuing companies, characterized by a high degree of risk and rapid asset turnover;
  • medium-growth portfolios include both reliable securities purchased for a relatively long time and risky stock instruments with increased income, whose composition is constantly being updated;
  • insurance portfolios are formed under the order of individual investors wishing to purchase securities of any one industry or region.

3. Growth and income portfolios

Can be formed as:

  • balance portfolios consisting of income ordinary and preferred shares, as well as bonds;
  • a dual-purpose portfolio that successfully combines two types of stocks (some bring high current income, others give big capital gains).

4. Tax exempted portfolios

Investment funds can form portfolios of securities for which income is tax exempt in accordance with national legislation. These securities include municipal bonds, which, with a high degree of liquidity, imply a small income.

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