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Advantages of cryptocurrency trading with Amelok

  • 24 hours a day 5 days a week
  • Narrow Spreads and Lack of Requotes
  • The choice of a long or short position, depending on market conditions
  • Highly liquid investment instrument

What is crypto currency?

Cryptocurrency is a special kind of financial and payment asset designed to revolutionize the financial sphere based on cryptography technology, that is, data encryption. It does not have a physical appearance, and exists only in electronic form. Its main features are anonymity, decentralization and security.
Cryptocurrency circulation within the system occurs directly (P2P) - without the participation of a third party. Each of the participants is absolutely equal. No one has any privileges, regardless of his social and financial status. The basis of this virtual money is decentralized open blockchain database..
Most cryptocurrencies have an emission ceiling (release into circulation of new coins). So in Bitcoin, he is 21 million "coins". And in such PPC and NVC currencies there are no restrictions on emissions.
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are considered as an investment asset due to fluctuations in the rate and general growth of popularity. Moreover, cryptocurrency is suitable for both short-term earnings through trading on the stock exchange, and for long-term, as the course shows a tendency to increase.


The most popular cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the first, the most popular and expensive cryptocurrency. It has the unofficial status of "cryptogold". For the first few years, all new currencies were based on the bitcoin blockchain. That is, they were a fork (a branch) of the world's first cryptocurrency. All cryptocurrencies, except Bitcoin, are also called Altcoins.
In 2011, the Ripple coin appeared with its system of handshakes and the lack of mining. It was the first "not fork of Bitcoin" in the cryptocurrency world. 
In 2015, the Ethereum platforms launched or Ethereum. It is an environment for creating decentralized blockchain-based projects using “smart contracts”. Later this cryptocurrency became the second most powerful after BTC.

Different types of cryptocurrency - characteristics:

Bitcoin 2009 21 000 000 SHA-256 PoW
Ethereum 2015 21 000 000 SHA-256 PoW
Litecoin 2011 21 000 000 SHA-256 PoW is planned transition to PoS

Amelok company will give you the opportunity to trade the TOP 4 cryptocurrency of the world and not only.

Bitcoin (abbreviated BTC) – It is an electronic payment system in which virtual “money” (bitcoins) circulate. Do you have a VISA or Mastercard? Both Visa and Mastercard are also electronic payment systems. However, they use the familiar currency - dollars, euros, hryvnias, rubles, and all transactions go through bank processing. Such currencies are called fiat. The Bitcoin system uses a cryptocurrency - a purely digital currency that is not tied to any world bank or economy of any country. It has its own value (rate), which is forming against the background of demand.

Ethereum (Ethereum, ether) – this is both a functional and decentralized environment that truly revolutionized the entire IT industry. The creators of the ether when launching this platform were pursued by the standard goals for authors of cryptocurrency - improving Bitcoin. However, it is difficult to name the ether Bitcoin 2.0. They are somewhat similar, but there are a number of conceptual differences between them.

Ripple – this is the third cryptocurrency by capitalization ($ 68.6 billion at a price of $ 1.77 per unit) after Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is centralized, not decentralized, like the rest. Ripple is positioning its project as a cross-border payment system for banks. The transaction rate here is 4 seconds versus more than 2 minutes for ethirium and more than an hour for Bitcoin. Traditional systems such as Swift are even slower - they need 3-5 days. This cryptocurrency attracted the attention of Citi experts. They dedicated a special review to it, where they compared it to Bitcoin, which is losing market share.

Bitcoin Cash – This is electronic money used in p2p networks. Bitcoin Cash is completely decentralized, does not use the services of central banks and does not require trusted third parties. This is a precise definition of Bitcoin, because Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin, obtained by splitting its blockchain into two different versions. This separation can happen with any blockchain, but this fork was made by a group of people who disagree with how the bitcoin blockchain should develop in the future.