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05.02.2019 13:00

The growth rate of China’s development is so fast that any information or analytics at the time of publication is no longer relevant.

Russia is far behind in this regard. Years go by, but nothing changes either in the development of the economy or in the development of technology. China is gaining "crazy" momentum. All analysis of the problems of the Russian Federation in the field of economics and finance showed that with minimal adjustments over 15 years, nothing has changed significantly. There is a possibility that nothing will change in the next 10-20 years. In China, everything is exactly the opposite. Today, any state of the planet can envy its development.

There is one irrelevant opinion that hurts the Chinese. It lies in the fact that attracting foreign capital, technology and production has played a huge role in the success of China. In other words, China performs all the tasks set by Japan, the USA and Europe.

The income of all Chinese industrial enterprises has grown 17 times since 2000. If we compare in figures, then in 2000 the income was $ 1 trillion, in 2007 more than 5, and in 2016 about 18. In Russia, similar companies in 2016 earned 675 billion dollars, in 2007 this amount was 665 billion.

The Chinese government is diligently trying to replace imported goods in all areas with domestic goods and is doing it successfully. In 2018, they no longer depend on technology from other countries. Also, almost completely abandoned the export of goods, developing its market. The income of Chinese companies from exports is only about 5%. Therefore, the external market for China is not so important.