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22.01.2019 08:00

The reasons why the equilibrium rate will be 50 rubles per dollar have become known. Namely, the lack of purchases of foreign currency for the Ministry of Finance and a barrel of oil at $ 78.

The 40% discrepancy is made by the Supreme Bank of the Ministry of Finance of Russia when they buy currency to issue the ruble, and not by the way investors exit the national market (a small amount of $ 10 billion), financial expert Igor Movchan says.

Such a significant difference benefits the budget, as well as companies that are leaders in the export market. But at the same time, this discrepancy is bad for the Russian industry, which produces goods for the domestic market from foreign materials. After all, this industry is fundamental in all countries with developed and profitable economies, Movchan asserts.

But to meeet the May presidential decrees, Russia needs to find investments. In other words, there is a need to get new contracts that will bring income to all.

By raising the VAT and reducing social transfers, the government manages to draw out the necessary funds (in fact, the artificial depreciation is taxable for all residents of the country who earn in rubles).

Today, the ruble exchange rate proves that the actions of the government are fully justified and the amount needed is almost collected, Movchan says.

For the national economy, which is highly dependent on imported goods, the collapse of the course will cause a rise in prices for foreign products, says political analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan. The population of Russia is getting poorer every day and will not be able to provide the necessary demand for domestic goods, he adds.

The Russian government is trying to take money from ordinary citizens by all means, and denies its social responsibility, Anatoly Nesmiyan is convinced.